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Datacom VERSAstream VS-G16C4S Packet Broker Network Tap
Datacom VERSAstream Network Tap Packet Broker VS-G16C4S - Sixteen (16) copper 10/100/1000-BT and four (4) SFP+ Any-to-Any ports. Network Tap Speed 10/100/1000, 1G/10G - NA and Monitoring Tool Speed 1G/10G Fiber, 10/100/1000/10G Copper.NextGen High-Density Packet Brokers.The VERSAstream VS-G16C4S Network Packet Broker is a compact and flexible solution for aggregating and distributing data from SPAN port and/or TAP sources, to monitoring tools. It provides 16 copper 0/100/1000 ports and four SFP+ ports (supporting 1G or 10G - copper or fiber.) The flexible design allows a nearly unlimited number of units to be deployed, with a self-discovery mesh network capable for single control and data plane. The SFP+ ports are used as 10G copper or fiber interconnects, or Monitor ports, and also support DAC (Direct Attach Cables).

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Datacom Network Tap VS-G16C4S - VERSAstream Sixteen (16) copper 10/100/1000-BT and four (4) SFP+ Any-to-Any ports. Network Tap Speed X - NA and Monitoring Tool Speed 1G/10G Fiber, 10/100/1000/10G Copper.

Take control of your network, eliminate blind spots, and reduce network downtime.
VERSAstream Network Packet Brokers provide purpose-built solutions for data aggregation, replication, filtering and load balancing to streamline critical data functions while optimizing existing infrastructure and port utilization.

Networks are growing more complex, carrying more services, higher volumes of multiprotocol network traffic, and requiring greater bandwidth. At the same time, network and security personnel are required to monitor and analyze more links in greater detail throughout the network in order to meet application performance demands, minimize security threats, and meet regulatory compliance. Higher speed networks are being deployed, fueling the need for higher speed monitoring tools.

Securing and monitoring your network has never been more important. Visibility and data capture infrastructure play a critical role by providing access and management of network traffic from multiple points and allowing you to optimize the performance of monitoring, security and analysis tools.


  • Consolidate monitoring tools to reduce management expenses and lower tool costs
  • Monitor multiple links simultaneously for more efficient use of monitoring tools
  • Single point of deployment and remote management minimizes costs and reduces MTTR
  • Easily share scarce SPAN ports and test access points without maintenance windows
  • Receives traffic from external taps or SPAN ports to allow you to deploy tools right away without impacting production network
  • Media conversion – leverage existing monitoring tools regardless of media type
  • Highlights
  • Compact design helps save space
  • Fault tolerant, passive bypass ensures network integrity
  • SFP+ ports support a wide range of speeds and DAC
  • SNMP, SYSLOG and email notification mechanisms
  • Radius, TACACS+ authentications
  • Redundant power sources and fans
  • sFlow and IPFIX capable