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What is a Network Bypass Switch?:

A network bypass switch ensures failover or fail-safe functions for an inline network device or network security tool such as a firewall, NGFW, IDS/IPS, WAF, DDOS and many other types of threat detection platforms. If the network or security application fails or needs to be taken offline for any reason, traffic is automatically redirected, ensuring uninterrupted data flow on the network.

The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, with the need for a constant, reliable internet connection becoming a daily commodity of great benefit. Businesses such as retail, healthcare, banking and investment lose revenue and productivity if the network is down for even a few minutes. Even smaller businesses have become extremely dependent on the stability of network traffic. Today, businesses can deploy a network bypass switch as part of their network infrastructure to maximize network uptime.

Bypass switch application

Network security tools are devices that reside in the path of the main network connection. All network traffic is routed through the appliance. These network monitoring tools provide security, surveillance, traffic policing and content inspection functions and services. Such security tools are typically known as intrusion prevention systems (IPS), data loss prevention (DLP) and deep packet inspection (DPI). Inline network monitoring tools are single points of failure on computer networks, meaning that if the appliance loses power, experiences a system or software failure, or is removed from the network, traffic cannot flow over the network connection. The network bypass switch eliminates this source of error by automatically routing traffic around the network appliance when the appliance is unable to process or forward traffic.

Networking monitoring tools

IT teams managing multiple security solutions need an easy way to connect all their inline and out-of-band tools to effectively run the network while keeping it secure.

Chaining allows you to route traffic through multiple inline tools monitoring the same network connection, while independently monitoring the health of each inline tool with Bypass Heartbeats. In the event of failed heartbeats, you can manually or automatically move your inline device out of band to manage, upgrade or optimize it.

Chaining inline tools provides the flexibility to easily move tools out of band for updates, patch installation, maintenance or troubleshooting for optimization and validation before moving them back into band.

Bypass Switch Conclusion

In summary, the use of bypass switches enables network and security tools to support and protect the enterprise, while at the same time

network interruptions are minimized. In addition, bypass switches allow multiple security tools to process traffic over a single network connection and provide many valuable features such as pre-configured heartbeats and support tool redundancy. Datacom Systems offers a suitable system for most requirements.

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