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Datacom's DURAstream bypass switches secure your network.

Ensure 100% Network Uptime when Deploying In-Line Monitoring Solutions and Intrusion Protection Systems. In-line devices such as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS,) Deep Packet Inspection (DPI,) or WAN Accelerators, present a potential point of failure on the network. When one of these devices malfunctions or becomes overwhelmed with traffic, network outages can occur. This presents serious challenges on network critical links. DURAstream in-line bypass switches ensure your network’s most important data does not fail even when inline devices do.

Deploying an in-line bypass solution guarantees uptime of critical links regardless of inline device performance by diverting critical network traffic away from malfunctioning in-line devices until such devices are operating normally. DURAstream in-line bypass solutions provide easy-to-manage external active bypass providing failover for data monitoring of critical 1 and 10 Gigabit network segments. Line rate throughput and real-time data forwarding hardware protects data and allows critical voice and data applications to perform uninterrupted and meet high demands for quality and security.

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