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What is a Gigabit TAP?

A Gigabit TAP, also known as a GBIC (Gigabit Interface Converter), is a network device that can be connected between two network cables to transfer traffic from one network cable to another. The Gigabit TAP allows network administrators to capture, analyse and monitor network traffic by creating a complete mirror of network traffic that can be sent to a network analyser.

Gigabit TAPs currently support network speeds of up to 1 Gbps and can handle both copper and fibre cables. They are typically mounted in a 19-inch rack and have multiple ports, thereby providing the ability to capture traffic from multiple network cables simultaneously.

Network traffic is not affected by the use of a Gigabit TAP as they operate passively and do not cause any processing or delay of traffic. They are also very reliable and require no maintenance or external power supply.

What is a Gigabit TAP needed for?

Gigabit Taps are useful and useful for many applications, including network monitoring, fault diagnostics, data security and compliance monitoring. The TAPs allow network administrators to quickly identify potential problems on the network and also directly troubleshoot them while limiting traffic to specific applications, protocols, and users.

Overall, Gigabit TAPs are an indispensable tool for network administrators as they enable efficient and non-invasive collection, analysis, and monitoring of network traffic to ensure network security and stability.

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