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USR's copper and fiber TAPS provide a reliable solution for 24-hour monitoring and data tagging of full-duplex Ethernet links. USR- TAPS behave in a completely passive, non-intrusive and invisible manner - invisible to the network. They are therefore ideal for real-time monitoring of data traffic between critical networks and devices such as switches, routers and firewalls. By permanently installing USR TAPS in the network, network interruptions are a thing of the past. The fault-tolerant design ensures that network performance and integrity are not compromised by power failures. In addition, Copper Aggregation Taps also capture full-duplex Ethernet connections in a combined data stream and provide two monitoring ports for multiple analyzers. The aggregator and regenerator combine or duplicate network traffic to increase the range of SPAN, mirror and TAP ports. Network monitoring tools from TamoSoft or WireShark etc. can be easily used. Gigabit Ethernet Taps, Fiber Taps, Link Aggregation Taps, Regeneration Taps, USB TAPS and accessories from US Robotics are offered.

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