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What is a USB TAP?

A USB TAP is a device that can be used to record and analyse the data transmission between two USB devices. It is a kind of “eavesdropping” on USB data traffic that can be used to monitor and log the communication between a computer and, for example, a connected USB device.

USB TAPs are often used in IT security to detect and prevent potentially dangerous data traffic. For example, they can be used to detect malicious USB devices that attempt to transfer unwanted data to a computer or intercept internal company data from a computer. USB TAPs can also be used to track communication between a computer and a USB device that may have been stolen or lost.

What is a USB TAP needed for?

USB TAPs come in a variety of types, from simple pass-through devices to more complex solutions with additional features such as logging and filtering. In some cases, USB TAPs can also do more than just the functions mentioned above, such as measuring and optimizing the performance of USB devices.

Overall, USB TAPs are useful tools for IT security professionals and network administrators, as they allow you to detect and block potentially dangerous traffic between two USB devices, as well as monitor and analyse communication between USB devices. However, USB TAPs should also be used with caution to protect user privacy.

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