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Datacom Network Packet Brokers sustainably increase network transparency of the IT infrastructure!

A Network Packet Broker improves network visibility by delivering the right data to the right tool at the right time, from any point on your network. They enable aggregation, copying or forwarding of network traffic to defined ports for ¨monitoring tools. Next-generation models offer a flexible mesh design that allows a virtually unlimited number of units to be deployed as a single logical unit with higher port density.

  • Load balancing and packet filtering for data acquisition and monitoring applications
  • Consolidate network monitoring tools, reduce network management costs, and lower tooling costs
  • Aggregation / Regeneration - Combine multiple network links or channels into one stream
  • Single point of deployment and remote management minimizes network management spend and reduces MTTR
  • Deploy tools instantly without impacting your production Network
  • Eliminates blind spots in traditional architectures, improves security, and enables analysis of all data from critical network segments
  • Accelerated deployment of management, monitoring, and security tools, as tools can be replaced or upgraded without disrupting the production Network
  • Future-proofs the IT environment by creating a security and management abstraction layer that separates infrastructure from applications and enables rapid ¨changes and Upgrades
  • Optimizes technology infrastructure and data center modernization by enabling organizations to better manage all their traffic
  • Data deduplication, filtering, and slicing reduce overall traffic volume and improve tool efficiency, which lowers operational costs and extends the life of existing infrastructure and connected tools

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