TouchPoint Solution, a Scottsdale, AZ based...


TouchPoint Solution, a Scottsdale, AZ based wellness company created TouchPoints- twin neuroscientific wearable devices that use patent-pending BLAST (bilateral alternating stimulation tactile) technology to reduce stress by up to 70% in as few as 30 seconds. Dr. Serin's decade of research combined with electroencephalogram data from TouchPoints users shows significant changes in key stress networks after just seconds of applied BLAST technology in TouchPoints. All humans (and animals) suffer from stress. Stress can induce fear, avoidance, poor performance, lack of focus, irritability, an inability to sleep, and increases the risk of addictive behavior. Chronic stress can lead to severe problems including physical disease. Access to stress reduction in real-time, anytime, while you go about your day can significantly improve your life and has implications on a global scale. In 2018 alone, people reached for TouchPoints to de-stress over 1 Million times!

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