"Pronounce triggers the brain in the...


"Pronounce triggers the brain in the right way to unlock individual English skills."

The Luxembourgish manufacturer Pronounce belongs to the Tomatis Développement SA group. 

You are the world leader in hear stimulation training. The "Tomatis Method" developed by the company is scientifically recognized and has been used successfully for many years in large areas of therapy, such as the treatment of ADHD, learning, concentration, or language difficulties.

Pronounce has focused on language training.

It helps people with existing English skillsto speak English quickly and fluently. The scientific know-how, the innovative technology and the unique active learning approach  - the automatic and rhythmic repetition technique (ARRT).

Pronounce makes it possible to learn English without having to learn in the traditional sense. Sounds good, doesn't it? See the product page for more information.

It is known from research that hearing plays a major role in learning in general and language acquisition in particular. It is also known that we can stimulate the brain to hear sounds that we are not used to speaking in our native language and therefore reproduce them. This is so true with English sounds.

Pronounce has seen too many times from its customers and partners who are not native English speakers how difficult it can sometimes be to understand each other orally in English.

The transition from written to oral communication requires preparation and confidence, as well as mastering the pronunciation and musicality of the language to understand and speak it fluently.

Pronounce makes it possible to learn English without having to learn in the traditional sense! Speak instead of learn!



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