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MindMind ApS - Innovative tools for mental wellbeing, developed in Denmark

MindMind ApS, founded in 2022, is an innovative company based in Bornholm, Denmark, dedicated to developing technology for mental wellbeing. The company was founded by Casper Craggs who knows from personal experience the challenges that many people have with their mental health.

MindMind develops simple, tangible tools that enrich the mental toolbox without the use of screens or the measurement of personal data. The company's goal is to create products that make a real difference to mental wellbeing.

Bibi - Breathing Buddy

The flagship product, BiBi - Breathing Buddy, is a handy device that guides four different breathing exercises. These proven breathing techniques help to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing. BiBi is designed to be used anywhere and at any time, providing immediate help through targeted breathing exercises.

MindMind is based in Hasle on the west coast of Bornholm, a region known for its tranquillity, relaxation and breathtaking natural landscapes. This is where all the development, design and production of MindMind products takes place. The Bornholm environment, with its unique combination of natural beauty and inspiring tranquillity, provides the perfect backdrop for the development of products that support mental balance.

MindMind pursues a way of working that is deeply rooted in co-creation and develops its products in close collaboration with users, researchers and other partners. This collaborative model ensures that MindMind's products are not only innovative, but also practical and useful for anyone who wants to work on their mental wellbeing.

With a greater mission in mind, MindMind is constantly working to develop more tools to help people find and maintain their mental balance. The company remains true to its vision of using simple and effective tools to promote mental well-being and thus positively influence the lives of many people.

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