BrainBit is a California-based high-tech...


BrainBit is a California-based high-tech hardware company founded in 2015. BrainBit's team consists of specialists with 30 years of experience who are passionate about electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG) and artificial intelligence. The company develops high quality EEG, EMG and neurofeedback solutions for organisations worldwide. BrainBit conducts research and development projects, including the integration of technologies such as virtual reality and smart clothing. BrainBit's aim is to make EEG technology accessible to improve mental and physical health. A global team of over 50 experts focuses on the quality of products and services to support customers in the areas of health and brain activity. BrainBit is open to custom solutions and partnerships in various industries. BrainBit's mission is to help people live better lives with a clearer mind, happiness and health.

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