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 IMCOP's vision is to...



IMCOP's vision is to support customers on their journey to change. Because every change starts with a decision, a goal and a first step. With this in mind, IMCOP GmbH was founded in 2021, combining many years of expertise in coaching, product development and consulting for organisations.

The German company IMCOP has its headquarters in Mühlberg/Elbe. Its devices are a treatment concept for the following complaints: depressive feelings, migraines, sleep disorders and exhaustion.

IMCOP stands for:

I - Innovations: Through consistent further development of NES (Neuroelectric Stimulation) therapy based on study results, we have developed the NES-Energy device, which is designed and manufactured in Germany. Through our own studies on the development of neurotransmitters (biochemical messengers in the brain that influence our mood and behaviour) when using NES therapy, the company is constantly working to improve the devices..

M - Methods: IMCOP combines current resilience research with traditional Shaolin approaches, taking into account the individual needs of each person. This results in targeted coaching methods supported by neuroelectric stimulation and magnetic field therapy.

C - Consulting: Changes in the personal and professional environment inevitably have an impact on the individual level. The company  consciously takes this systemic approach and actively shapes it. This can lead to necessary changes in organisations and processes.

In order to focus even more strongly on the further development and approval of neuroelectric stimulation, IMCOP 2022 has changed its shareholder structure. Our goal is to have the NES Energy based stimulator approved by the FDA as a medical device.

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