The company behind the LAUFMAUS® is...


The company behind the LAUFMAUS® is Flowtastic. Flowtastic is characterised by a deep passion for its product and the concept behind it. This passion goes beyond pure business interest and is based on the conviction of creating something meaningful and valuable for society.

The company's work is defined by the continuous expansion of what is possible. New standards are set and boundaries are pushed. This dynamism is driven by a constant quest for learning and development, which is the central driving force behind all the company's activities.

This quest for knowledge and improvement is seen as a key contribution to improving customer performance. Every innovation by the company is seen as an improvement both for the company itself and for society as a whole.

The company sees itself as a pioneer in its industry and is proud of this role. It recognises that feedback and interaction are central to innovation and progress. The company therefore places great value on interacting with its customers and partners and considers their questions, suggestions and feedback as essential to its continuous improvement.

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