The German company Brain Products is a leading...

Brain Products

The German company Brain Products is a leading global manufacturer of solutions for neurophysiological research and is dedicated to researching and understanding the human brain and nervous system. The wide range of hardware and software solutions offers end-to-end solutions for the complex and fascinating field of neuroscience.

Brain Products was founded in 1997 by Alexander Svojanovsky and Henning Nordholz in Germany and revolutionised the neurophysiology market with the BrainVision Analyzer software, the world's first EEG and ERP analysis software for Windows. The company provides innovative solutions such as EEG amplifiers and electrode systems like the BrainAmp" and actiCAP", and wireless EEG headsets like the X.on", and maintains close relationships with its customers. It is a world leader in neurophysiological research, with offices on three continents. Customer-focused support, close collaboration with research institutes and continuous product improvement are part of the company's philosophy. Brain Products is committed to quality, social and environmental responsibility.

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