About Bobo Balance 

 The Israeli company...

Bobo Balance

About Bobo Balance

The Israeli company "BoBo Balance" was founded in 2015 by two physiotherapists.

Bobo Balance stands for modern, interactive fitness and balance training, where the focus is on enjoying the training.  
They have a vision of “Progress Through Play”.
The founders of Bobo Balance looked for ways to keep their patients motivated. Because only those who enjoy and have funß involved in the training, it is possible to pursue your training goals in the long term.

Everyone can benefit from the physical and mental effects of balance training, which is why Bobo products combine balance exercise with fun and challenging games.

How BoBo started

The first device was sold in 2015 – The products have been perfected through many hours and intensive work and today offer unique fitness experiences of high quality and effectiveness.

More than a machine...a movement.

With various training and rehabilitation products in their portfolio, over 100,000 people now use a BoBo device every year. The Bobo Balance products convince in the fitness, training and rehabilitation area. They are used in 

  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • professional fitness centers
  • Hospitals
  • Sports facilities
  • sports clubs
  • Military installations 
  • Personal Trainers


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