Astroskin, like Hexoskin, is a brand of the...

Astroskin Vital Signs Sensors & AI

Astroskin, like Hexoskin, is a brand of the Canadian company Carre Technology and was founded in Montreal in 2006. The Astroskin brand is becoming increasingly important due to its widespread use in research. Deployed with non-invasive sensors, software, data science and AI services, the systems are now used in over 500 projects worldwide, in addition to NASA.

Astroskin provides a highly advanced platform for ambulatory monitoring of vital signs in medical research. Developed to qualify for space exploration, Astroskin can now be used in medical and sports projects.

An intelligent athletic wear that has been clinically validated in combination by both Astroskin and Hexoskin brands and used in over 150 scientific publications. It has been rethought by Astroskin how vital data sensors can be used in a truly wearable, accurate and non-invasive way. The Astroskin is part of the Canadian Space Agency's Bio-Monitor, which was deployed in space in early 2019 and has since been worn by Canadian astronaut David St-Jacques, Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano and many other astronauts. The Astroskin complete set has been continuously further adapted and now offers the Astroskin Vital Signs monitoring platform to support industrial and research projects.

Astroskin's idea:

To provide a technology seamlessly without having to operate or carry anything. The technology fits directly on the body and should not disturb during any activity.

Extensive analyses for physiological performance monitoring can thus be recorded easily and comfortably, and mobile in a wide variety of stress and everyday situations. There is no need for complex cabling or inflexible measurements thanks to the built-in textile sensors.

Astroskin offers a comprehensive and powerful technology package. It offers a very high flexibility in the measurement of cardiac and respiratory examinations on a clinical level for comprehensive findings regarding cardiac and pulmonary function.

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