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Inexpensive Network Security Solutions by Hot Lava!

02.04.2020 15:10

Inexpensive Network Security Solutions by Hot Lava!

Effective NIC components for new and challenging times


In order to provide your company with the best possible network technology and the greatest possible performance in difficult times, IpNetshop now offers all Hotlava products at a discount until the end of April.


HotLava Systems offers high-performance, innovative multi-port 1 GB, 10 GB and 40/56 GB Ethernet network adapters for servers and appliances. These eliminate restrictions in network-intensive, high-capacity or virtualized environments. The full power of today's PCI Express architecture is used by means of designs and integration in the highest density. HotLava's multi-port Ethernet adapters maximize throughput from a single PCIe slot and meet or exceed bandwidth, storage, and power requirements for the most demanding networks. Today's servers and workstations are able to achieve unprecedented performance that often leads to bottlenecks in network interfaces. The HotLava network adapters alleviate this overload by combining several Ethernet controllers in one adapter and thus enable maximum server productivity. An overview of all products can be found in the downloads directly in the product description. Get more network performance from your server.


The IpNetshop was founded in Gießen (Germany) in 2010. Over the years it has developed into a valued niche provider in the high-end network field. Our products stand for innovation, speed and effective migration and are primarily aimed at commercial customers.


Hot Lava products are available here: