ForeNova NovaCommand AI-based Cyber Defense

ForeNova's NovaCommand is an AI-native cyber threat detection and remediation platform and software for enterprises from 100 to 5000 workstations. It is a complete NDR solution. Licenses are offered with terms from 1 to 3 years, on-premise or CLOUD versions. The licenses are divided into 6 different groups according to the number of employees. NovaCommand integrates seamlessly with other tools thanks to an open and extensible architecture (ForeNova's 3rd Party Integrations). Unified enterprise defense has never been more important due to increasing threats and complexity, and at the same time, it has never been more difficult to achieve. With ForeNova's NovaCommand, you get a one-stop tool for these needs. The ForeNova solution consists of two components. NovaSensor and NovaCommand. NovaSensor is positioned in the network and receives the copy of all network traffic, which is transmitted to NovaCommand. NovaComand performs all the analysis and stores all the information in a DSGVO compliant manner. Both components are included in the specified license prices. Offered with this article are: Licenses for 1 or 3 year term in 6 variations depending on the number of employees. Installation either on-premise or CLOUD.


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