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Check out our latest products — the all new Network Taps for both Copper Networks and Fiber Networks - in addition to Aggregating models. For those with the need for speed USR also offers USB 3.0 Super Speed Hub and Adapters, for blazing fast USB transfer speeds — saving you time by transferring files up to 10 times faster.

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USRobotics USR4503

10/100/1000 Coppper Aggregation Tap
with 1 Network Connection and 2 Uni-Directional Monitor Connections

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USRobotics USR4504

1G Variable 4 Port Aggregator & Regenerator
3:1 SPAN/TAP Port Traffic Aggregation or 1:3 SPAN/TAP Port Traffic Duplication

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USRobotics USR4515LC

10/1 Gigabit SR/SX Multi-Mode Fiber Network Tap
50 Micron 50/50 Split LC Connectors

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USRobotics USR4516LC

9 Micron 50/50 Split with LC Connectors

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USRobotics USR4500-RMK

3 Unit Rackmount
The USR TAP Rack Mount Chassis holds up to 3 TAPs in a standard 1U rack

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USRobotics USR4204 Courier®

& Remote Power Switch Hybrid
with 4 Console ports and 2 AC PDU ports

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