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Based on world class components and drivers from companies such as Intel and Mellanox, HotLava network adapters are natively supported by most major operating systems. Ideally suited for space-constrained and PCIe slot-limited servers, they provide the maximum port density and network bandwidth required by demanding I/O intensive applications.

Product Overview



  • MSI-X support minimizes the overhead of interrupts and balances the load of interrupt handling between multiple cores/CPUs
  • Multiple Queues handles the packet without waiting or incurring buffer overflow to provide efficient packet prioritization
  • Checksum and segmentation offloading increases throughput and lowers processor usage
  • iSCSI Boot enables system boot up via iSCSI and allows for centralized storage area network management
  • Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) supports Data Center Bridging or Converged Enhanced Ethernet to enable traffic classes and priorities over a lossless 10 GbE network, thereby eliminating redundant fabrics and the high cost of FC HBAs and FC switches
  • Intel PROSet Utility for Windows Device Manager provides GUI management of individual ports, advanced features, connection teaming, and VLAN configuration



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