The pioneers of sign language translation...

BrightSign Technology Limited

The pioneers of sign language translation

BrightSign Technology Limited is an innovative UK based company. It has set itself the task of developing a solution for all hearing and speech-impaired people.

They are absolute pioneers with the sign language translator glove and thus offer a unique solution for the hearing and speech impaired ;to be able to easily communicate with other people without the need for an interpreter.

The glove translates all gestures into over 15 languages.

The translations are played aloud to the person you are talking to via the app or microphone. His answers are also translated and played back to the person with hearing or speech impairments in form of sign language.

BrightSign Technology Limited inspire the market.

You have already won numerous awards and have been featured in many media. Among others also from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the "not impossible labs", Forbes, the Guardian, Discovery Channel, Axa Health, IBM, BBC, .... and many more.


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