Ultimate Ethernet performance with Hotlava Systems

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Ultimate Ethernet performance with Hotlava Systems - Ultimate Ethernet performance with Hotlava Systems

HotLava Systems offers high-performance, innovative multi-port 1GB, 10GB, and 40/56GB Ethernet network adapters for servers and appliances.

Linden, 22.6.2022 - These remove limitations in network-intensive, high-capacity or virtualized environments. By means of design and integration in the highest density, the full performance of today's PCI Express architecture is used. HotLava's multi-port Ethernet adapters maximize the throughput of a single PCIe slot, meeting or exceeding the bandwidth, storage space, and power requirements of the most demanding networks. Today's servers and workstations are capable of unprecedented performance that often creates bottlenecks at network interfaces. HotLava's network adapters alleviate this overload by combining multiple Ethernet controllers in one adapter, thus enabling maximum server productivity. You can find an overview of all products under Downloads directly in the product description.

Get more network performance from your server


  • Up to 100Gbps actual bandwidth, eliminating network congestion
  • Highest port density in a single adapter
  • Optimized for server virtualization
  • Engineered with world-class Intel and Mellanox silicon and drivers
  • Native driver support for almost all operating systems without modifying existing drivers or applications
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Low cost per port


  • HotLava network adapters can be deployed in a variety of applications including:
  • Storage Server Controller
  • Unified Threat Management Appliances
  • Server Virtualization
  • I/O virtualization
  • High availability, failover, backup and redundancy
  • High traffic generation for performance testing of servers, switches and routers
  • QoS load balancing
  • link aggregation
  • iSCSI target and initiator
  • FCoE Initiator
  • Ethernet switch and server consolidation

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