SlimCool from Performance International GmbH...


SlimCool from Performance International GmbH

Performance International GmbH, based in Ulm, Germany, has developed an innovative product called SlimCool. SlimCool enables women to lose weight without stress and without starving themselves. In addition to the innovative cooling textiles, Performance International's products use scientific findings on the effectiveness of cold in weight loss. Designed by women for women, they help women achieve their dream figure while improving their health without the need for costly interventions.

The company is actively committed to the environment, sustainability and women's rights. By reducing electricity consumption and working with Climate Partner, Performance International ensures that both its operations and its products leave no carbon footprint. Performance International supports the UN Global Compact and is committed to an inclusive and fair working environment, both within the company and in society as a whole.

Its commitment to a sustainable and eco-social market economy is underlined by its recognition by the Senate of Economics and its participation in global initiatives such as the Trillion Tree Campaign. Performance International GmbH proves that it is possible to have a positive impact on the world through innovative products and responsible actions, while meeting the needs of customers.

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