Based in England, Mawi is a tech company...


Based in England, Mawi is a tech company specializing in the manufacture of AI-powered medical products. Mawi's mission is to improve the quality of life of billions of people by combining the power of AI and wearables improve.

The team of talented engineers has a great passion for data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. For years, the Mawi engineers have been working on the research that ultimately established the company's mission - to make heart data accessible to everyone and to prevent the "silent killers" of the heart.

With this in mind, Mawi has transformed science into a range of unique products that are capable of detecting early-stage heart disease.

The main goal is to change the paradigm of remote patient monitoring by allowing Mawi healthcare professionals to continuously track their patients. By collecting all of the key vital signs, Mawi helps doctors get a complete picture of patient health, rather than taking snapshots from one visit to another.

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