Exerfly, a New Zealand manufacturer of...


Exerfly, a New Zealand manufacturer of absolutely high-quality fitness equipment - flywheel training equipment. Flywheel technology takes athletes to new heights.Flywheel training is a method of strength training in which users create resistance by using the inertia of a flywheel instead of traditional gravity-based resistance training. By accelerating and then decelerating an inertial disc, the user creates resistance throughout all phases of the movement, allowing for high power outputs and eccentric overload without the heavy weights. This means constant resistance and stimulation through all phases of the movement in both the concentric and eccentric phases. Exerfly builds a community of athletes who support, work together and encourage each other to excel. They've put their heart, mind, body and soul into creating gear that takes athletes and coaches to the next level of athletic excellence. Exerfly aims to share their state-of-the-art training equipment with athletes, physical therapists and sports teams around the world so everyone can reap the benefits of Exerfly.

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