Products and services related to sleep and...

Biostrap USA

Products and services related to sleep and health.

Biostrap's mission is to provide the world's most advanced, science-based platform to improve global health. We are building an ecosystem of partners to provide and leverage data to gain insights into their own health.

10+ Countries: an international team on a mission to improve global health.

20+ Experts: highly skilled individuals from the fields of health, technology and business.

Multidisciplinary: A group of professionals from different backgrounds but with a common vision in mind.

The company offers excellent products for analysis and improvement in the subject area of sleep and health. Particularly highlighted are the products Biostrap EVO, a powerful health tracker that comprehensively addresses the issue of sleep. Ideally suited for professionals and end users. Data such as sleep stages, heart rate at rest, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, arterial elasticity, peripheral elasticity and other data are measured and EVALUATED.

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