Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Transparent...


Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Transparent Corporation strives to lead and innovate in the field of mind technology. Since founding in 2003, they have been committed to the development of tools for positive mental change. The products are used daily in research labs, therapists offices, and tens of thousands of homes in over 100 countries. Transparent software has been instrumental in peer-reviewed clinical studies, and they hold a patent on a unique method for embedding brainwave stimulation into audio. Transparent have collaborated with major neurotechnology companies, creating software/hardware combinations to change what is possible in the field, and make this technology more accessible and versatile. The core team may be small, but our level of dedication is huge. As a collective, they are active users of mind technology- obsessed with brain improvement and the pushing the limits of human and cognitive potential. Transparent also consult with a highly accomplished advisory board, leaning on their combined decades of expertise to evaluate articles and published studies, continually improve the software, and ensure that it meets the needs of working researchers, therapists, and clinicians.

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