Delivering on the vision that The Garment is...


Delivering on the vision that The Garment is the Computer, Sensoria Fitness smart socks are embedded with proprietary textile sensors that are soft, comfortable, durable, and machine-washable. Sensoria socks are powered by a flexible and lightweight Bluetooth smart enabled anklet paired with a free companion mobile application to give users real-time updates on form, distance, pace, speed, ascent, descent, altitude, foot contact time (milliseconds), number of steps, and cadence. The Sensoria technology not only measures how far and how fast you run, but most importantly how well you run. In addition, the shoe closet provides selection from more than 7,000 running shoe models so a runner can enjoy an odometer, and get feedback/recommendations for each pair. Headquartered in Redmond (WA), Sensoria Inc. is a leading developer of IoE (Internet of Everyone) wearable solutions that improve people's lives. Our proprietary e-textile sensor platform enables Sensoria powered garments to deliver actionable information to health and fitness users in real-time.

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