SHFT was founded by Tony Motzfelt and Stefan...


SHFT was founded by Tony Motzfelt and Stefan Barfred. They wanted to create a device that would help runners all over become happier and more efficient runners. From the first brainstorm to the actual development of SHFT they have had a continuous focus on improving the running experience. SHFT's ambition is to give every runner the possibility to gain access to his or her very own private running coach on a daily basis. SHFT wants to change your mindset so you don't just run, but you run right. SHFT wants to help runners worldwide improve their running technique and energy consumption by eliminating unnecessary and inappropriate movements in their running pattern and instead, focus on how every body movement can be more efficient, contributing to the maximum propulsion possible. The key word is Efficiency. Watt measurement and real-time voice coaching is the foundation of a new technology that will turn runners into faster, safer and happier runners.

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