The German company Magnoria was founded in a...


The German company Magnoria was founded in a small bicycle workshop in Wetzlar, where Sahit, Alican and Emily shared their passion for cycling. As close friends, they dreamed of developing an innovative bike bag that combined functionality and style.

They sacrificed weekends and nights to their project, despite setbacks and frustration. Their first 3-in-1 bike bag was finally born - an elegant and practical design that shared their passion with other cyclists.

The small company grew, but the founders remained best friends, working on their products with love and dedication. Every Magnoria bike bag tells the story of togetherness and passion.

You can feel the emotion with which their dreams were realised in every seam and every detail. Welcome to the world of Magnoria, where cycling love, innovation and togetherness are at home. Discover the quality and joy of movement with Magnoria bicycle bags.


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Alican Dogan
Hans-Sachs-Straße 2B
35576 Wetzlar


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