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Kinvent Physio - making physiotherapy, rehabilitation and competitive sports goals measurable

Kinvent Physio offers innovative measuring devices that make training, performance and development in sports, physiotherapy and rehabilitation measurable.

Making progress visible increases the motivation of athletes and patients. At the same time, the performance of the physiotherapist/trainer becomes measurable.
Weck from the subjective assessment to objective, professional measurability of rehabilitation developments and performance developments.

The innovative Kinvent Physio range offers a extensive product selection for measuring:

  • Power
  • Range of motion
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Endurance

Kinvent Physio technologies are lightweight, wireless, accurate and easy to use. The results can be viewed immediately via smartphone or tablet with the Kinvent Physio app. Appropriate games for training are also offered there. These integrate the training performance of the athletes/patients in real time. The training becomes an entertaining game unit and the training time flies by.

This is what distinguishes the Kinvent Physio products:

    The products were developed by physiotherapists for physiotherapists.

    Kinvent Physio offers connected applications and supports in analysis, training and patient follow-up

    The effectiveness of physiotherapy or training can be significantly improved - measurements and analyzes of strength, balance or movement can be carried out in less than 20 seconds.

    Patients can be better motivated with the Kinvent Physio products. Playful training units on the screen integrate the current individual implementations using biofeedback and personalized training goals. This is how training flies by in a playful way.

    The long-term recording of the training results allows the development to be measured and displayed. The clear presentation and feedback to the patient ensures a high degree of satisfaction and long-term motivation.  

    The measurements carried out have a high measurement accuracy due to the high quality products used.

    Kinvent products are scientifically backed and all FDA and CE certified.

    Patient data is secured and protected in Kinvent integrated HIPAA-compliant data protection.

How can biofeedback help in physiotherapy?

Biofeedback is a technique that can be used in physical therapy to help patients gain control over certain bodily functions. Biofeedback devices measure various body parameters such as muscle activity and balance and give the patient feedback on how their physical activities affect these parameters. This feedback can help increase the patient's awareness of their body processes and help them control their body reactions.

In physical therapy, biofeedback can be used to treat a variety of conditions including:

  • Muscle Weakness and Injury: Biofeedback can help teach proper muscle activation and restore confidence in muscle control ability.
  • Movement limitations: Biofeedback can be used to improve mobility and balance.
  • Biofeedback can also help improve the effectiveness of physical therapy exercises by giving the patient instant feedback and helping them to perform the exercises correctly.

By regular training with biofeedback, patients can improve their physical abilities and regain control over their bodily functions.

How can biofeedback help in competitive sports?

Biofeedback can be used in competitive sports to help athletes improve their physical abilities and maximize their performance. By giving athletes instant feedback on their physical activity, biofeedback can help improve their ability for self-regulation and self-control.

By using Kinvent products, the following can be achieved by means of biofeedback in competitive sports:

  • Improving muscle activity: Biofeedback can help measure the athlete's muscle activity and help them improve their muscle control and coordination.
  • Improving Balance: Biofeedback can help measure the athlete's balance and help them improve their balance skills.
  • Biofeedback can also help athletes prepare their training sessions and competitions better by measuring their physical responses to certain stimuli and being able to adjust their training and competition strategies based on this.

The use of biofeedback in competitive sports can thus help improve athletes' athletic performance and help them reach their full potential.

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