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Hotlava Systems St. Helens 160G2Q-XL Adapter 2QF3AC0A1

40Gb Ethernet QSFP+ Adapters - Multiport PCI Ethernet NIC – Bandwidth 80 Gbps- Low-profile, Dual-port (2) 40GbE QSFP NIC, Gen3 PCIe x16, with two independent Intel XL710-BM1 controllers. Configurable in one of three ways: 1. 1x40GbE plus 1x40GbE, or 2. 1x40GbE plus 4x10GbE with one breakout cable, or 3. 4x10GbE plus 4x10GbE with two breakout cables.

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St. Helens 160G2Q-XL Multiport PCI Ethernet NIC - Bandwidth 80 Gbps.

HotLava System`s Intel-based multi-port 1/10/40 gigabit Ethernet NICs enables today`s most powerful servers to deliver the maximum aggregate throughput from a single PCI Expres slot. High port density and high bandwidth makes it ideal for space or slot constrained network appliances and storage servers.


  • World class silicon and drivers that delivers energy-efficient performance and reliability
  • Up to twice the throughput of other x8 lane dual-port 40GbE NICs
  • Provides the flexibility to function in 40G mode or 1G/10G mode with breakout cable
  • Provides a Unified Networking platform to support single adapter/wire for LAN and storage
  • Reduces CPU utilization and latency by enabling VMs to perform I/O directly to the physical network adapter, bypassing the hypervisor
  • Allows VMs to communicate across different networks without having to configure the physical switches and routers
  • Lowers latency and CPU utilization and increases bandwidth by automatically steering network data to the same core on which its application process resides


  • Intel XL710 1/10G/40G Ethernet controllers and drivers
  • Up to 100% more throughput than other x8 lane 40GbE adapters
  • Configurable for 40G mode or 10G mode with breakout cable
  • 40 to 100 Gbps of aggregate throughput
  • Feature rich for virtualized systems
  • Supports 40GBASE-SR4 and 40GBASE-LR4 transceivers

Features St. Helens 160G2Q-XL Multiport PCI Ethernet NIC

  • Intel XL710 10G/40G Ethernet controllers and drivers
  • x16 lane PCIe 3.0 connector
  • Configurable as either 10G or 40G ports
  • Converged Unified Networking
  • SR-IOV for Direct Assignment
  • VXLAN, NVGRE, Geneve, NSH Offloads
  • Intel Ethernet Flow Director for hardware -based application traffic steering

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