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Hotlava Systems Fuji 240G3Q Adapter 3QF3A60A2
Dual and Triple Port 10/40/56GbE Network Adapter - Multiport PCI Ethernet NIC
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  • Manufacturer: Hotlava
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Fuji 240G3Q Multiport PCI Ethernet NIC

Maximum Ethernet Performance - up to 100 Gbps Aggregate. HotLava System?s dual-port and triple-port 10/40/56 gigabit Ethernet NICs delivers ultimate bandwidth performance by incorporating two or three independent Mellanox ConnectX-3 controllers and fully utilizing the bandwidth capability of Gen 3.0 PCI Express architecture.


  • Two or three independent Mellanox ConnectX-3 10/40/56GbE controllers in one adapter
  • Supports Ethernet or Infiniband
  • Up to 100 Gbps aggregate bandwidth
  • PCIe Gen 3.0 (8GT/s), x16 lane
  • Low latency RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
  • Compatible with TCP/UDP/IP and iSCSI stacks
  • Hardware-based I/O Virtualization
    • SR-IOV
    • Up to 127 Virtual Functions per Port

Key Features / Benefits Fuji160G2Q Multiport PCI Ethernet NIC

  • x16 lane PCIe Gen3 connector
    • Up to 2X the throughput of all other x8 lane dual-port 40GbE NICs
  • Dedicated 10/40/56GbE controller for each port
    • Up to 79 or 100 Gbps of aggregate throughput
  • Requires only one PCIe slot
    •  Ideal for space-constrained chassis
  • QSFP+ interfaces
    • Allows for hot swappable optical or twin-ax DA copper cables
  • RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
    • Low latency and high bandwidth
  • Sockets Acceleration, HW-based stateless offload
    • Reduced CPU utilization for TCP/UDP/IP transport
  • Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV)
    • Reduced CPU utilization by enabling VM hypervisor bypass
  • Multiple queues per virtual machine
    • Reduced CPU utilization for NIC to VM traffic
  • IEEE 1588 precision time protocol
    • Accurate data delivery time stamping for SLA measurements
  • Intelligent interrupt coalescence
    • Reduced IRQ interrupts when processing high I/O rates

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