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Datacom SS-2212-10G SINGLEstream 10G Network Tap
10 - 10 Gigabit Taps, 10 Gigabit Monitoring for 2 Analysis Tools. The versatile one under the Link Aggregation Network TAP

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Datacom 10Gb Link Network Tap (10 Taps, 2 Non-Aggregated Monitoring Ports). High data transparency.

Easily used in combination with many tools from WireShark, Tamosoft, etc.

Datacom SS-2212-10G SINGLEstream Link Aggregation Network Tap

The SINGLEstream SS-2212-10G Link Aggregation Network TAP is passivley inserted inline and can collect traffic from ten network links and direct two links full duplex traffic toward two outputs. Non-powered, built in fiber taps mean that traffic is safely collected with less that 10ns of latency added to the network. With 2 monitoring ports, you can have 2 copies of full duplex, line rate data streams. The SS-2212-10G Link Aggregation Switch - Network TAP is best used where a large number of 10G links need to be troubleshot quickly with one or two analytic devices. Direct Each Tool to Any Tapped Link

ORDER INFORMATION (more split ratios available)

Product Description:

  • SS-2212-SR-10G SINGLEstream? 10G Link Network Tap (10 Taps, 2 Non-Aggregated Monitoring Ports). SR* multimode (50 or 62.5 micron)*
  • SS-2212-LR-10G SINGLEstream? 10G Link Network Tap (10 Taps, 2 Non-Aggregated Monitoring Ports). LR single mode (9 micron). *specify tap diameter when ordering


  • Access up to 80 10G links with 2 analytic tools
  • 100% uptime, fiber taps are built into the device so there is no potential loss of traffic on the network
  • Eliminate SPAN port contention, oversubscription and configuration errors
  • Tapped ports can be directed to any monitor port
  • Up to 8 devices can be stacked to look like a single logical unit



  • Network: Ten (10) SR or LR Network Taps with Dual LC connectors
  • Monitoring: Two (2) SR or LR Monitoring Ports
  • Management Port: RJ45 @ 100 Mbps Full-Duplex
  • Console Port: DB9F DB9M


  • 50/50, 70/30, 80/20
  • Additional Split Ratios Available


  • Multimode (choose 50/62.5 micron diameter) 50/50 = 4.2 dB
  • Multimode (choose 50/62.5 micron diameter) 70/30 = 3.0 / 6.7 dB
  • Singlemode (9 micron diameter) 50/50 = 3.9 dB
  • Singlemode (9 micron diameter) 70/30 = 2.2 / 6.3 dB

* typical per fiber


  • Dual Redundant Hot Swappable Power Supplies (Included)
  • Maximum Power Consumption: Less than 200 Watts
  • Individual Power Supply Rating: 100-240V ~47-63Hz 4A MAX.


In order to perform a successful network analysis, we recommend either the free software from wireshark or the relate software from Tamosoft.

You can find the Wireshark software here.

You can find the Tamosoft software here.


  • 1.72 x 19.00 x 26.5 in (4.37 x 48.26 x 67.31 cm)


  • 18.15 lbs (8.23 kgs)


  • Operating Temperature: 32º to 104ºF (0º to 40ºC)
  • Storage Temperature: -22º to 149ºF (-30º to 65ºC)
  • Humidity: 5 to 90% non-condensing


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