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Bypass Switche

What is a bypass switch? 

A bypass switch ensures that your network's most important data doesn't go down, even when inline monitoring devices fail.

Don't let monitoring tool failures lead to costly network outages.

Designed for networks of all sizes, Datacom Systems' bypass switches provide fail-safe network protection, high availability and redundant security for inline monitoring installations.

The "Best Practice" for Deploying and Managing In-Line Monitoring Appliances

Many of today's security solutions are designed to sit "in-line" directly between two network devices on which you want to monitor traffic, such as a router and a switch. Placing a monitoring appliance directly in-line can create several potential problems:

  • if the device fails, the connection is lost, or there is a power outage, the in-line tool creates a single point of failure (SPOF) on the network.
  • processing by the device or over-provisioning can increase latency, amplify delays, and degrade network performance
  • data integrity can be compromised by frame mismatch or dropped packets

Example of a typical in-line appliance deployment

Image 1 Bypass Switches

Image 2 Bypass Switches

An in-line bypass switch overcomes this problem and helps avoid costly downtime by

  • being a secure failover solution to keep networks running optimally when an in-line device fails or experiences problems

  • the ability to deploy and manage in-line devices without disrupting the network or impacting operational availability when devices need to be serviced or replaced

Image 3 Bypass Switches

Heartbeat mode provides the ability to monitor the health of in-line appliances by sending and receiving a heartbeat packet. A user-programmable heartbeat packet can be injected into the monitoring port connection to check the availability of connected monitoring devices.

High Availability Mode for Redundant Monitoring Solutions

In high availability mode, a primary and secondary appliance is implemented with a bypass switch.

Image 4 Bypass Switches

The bypass switches between the primary and secondary appliance when there is a loss of heartbeats or connectivity. This allows the services provided by the appliance to be maintained in the event of an appliance failure.
Image 5 Bypass Switches

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