BrainCo leads you successfully into the...


BrainCo leads you successfully into the future with innovative MINT products.

BrainCo offers products through its NeuroMaker, FocusCalm and BrainRobotics brands. Applications range from STEM products for multi-unit and classroom solutions in schools and education to EEG - headsets with the FocusCalm for relaxation training and BrainRobotics hand prostheses for people with a myoelectric hand with at least two functional muscle parts. BrainCo uses EEG technology products such as FOCUSCALM to develop real-time brainwave visualization for sports, fitness, regeneration and stress management. This provides targeted behaviors through neurofeedback training in the context of cognitive psychology. In doing so, BrainCo's developers draw on in-depth experience in cognitive psychology research. BrainCo leverages expertise in education and provides applications in education, wellness and research.

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